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Types of Pumps Available

Water pressure is all-important when it comes to moving rain out of your tank so it can do its job. When working with small rain barrels, you can usually rely on gravity to move the water through a hose and onto the lawn or garden. However, if that doesn’t work for you, or if you tank is larger than 250 gallons, you’ll need to install a pump. Below is a brief summary of the types of pumps we sell and what we think makes each pump a good value for our customers.

Grundfos Pumps – We are proud to be distributors of Grundfos pumps, one of the most outstanding pump manufacturers in the world. Based in Denmark, Grundfos builds and distributes more than 12 million quiet, compact, reliable and user-friendly pumps every year. To avoid problems caused by dry-running, the pump controllers automatically shut off when the tank is empty. Most come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Above Ground Pumps Above ground pumps transport water from a rainwater storage tank to the end user. You can create complete rainwater delivery systems with above ground pumps and their built-in pump controllers, which start and stop the pumps automatically when a faucet or valve is opened. To prevent dry-running, the pump controllers automatically shut off the pump when the tank is empty

Submersible PumpsSubmersible water pumps can power your water pressure, directing water where you need it. They are a quieter option compared to most above ground pumps, and because they’re made from composite and stainless-steel materials, submersible pumps are resistant to corrosion. Some submersible water pumps allow you to control the water pressure automatically with a controller, or manually without a controller.

Pump Packages This website showcases our wide selection of pump packages, including rainwater harvesting pump systems and submersible pump systems. Both add the necessary pressure to boost harvested rainwater from the tank to where you want it. Above ground and submersible rainwater harvesting pump systems are available with the option of automatic controllers, which start and stop the pumps whenever a faucet or valve is opened.

To determine which pump best suits your system, please browse through the products on this site. Along with each pump, we offer a full product guide, informational videos, and other documentation you may need to make an informed decision.